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Custom Made Party Trays for All Occasions

Deluxe Meat Platter

(8 person minimum)

Choice of four premium meats: Corned Beef, Turkey, Smoked Turkey, Turkey Pastrami, Pastrami, Roast Beef, Kosher Salami or Bavarian Ham. Choose two Cheeses: Swiss, Muenster or American. Select from Potato Salad, Macaroni Salad or Coleslaw to go in the center of the platter. Free pickles, olives, bread/rolls and dessert! Includes condiments and utensils.


Petite Sandwich Platter

(8 person minimum)

A variety of sandwiches served on our hand-knotted egg rolls, accompanied by your choice of Potato Salad, Coleslaw or Macaroni Salad. Free pickles and olives. Includes condiments.


Gourmet Meat Tray

(10 person minimum)

Choice of four meats: Corned Beef, Bavarian Ham, Turkey, Smoked Turkey, Kosher or Italian Hard Salami (premium meats available at additional charge). Choice of two Cheeses: Swiss, Muenster or American. Select from Potato Salad, Macaroni salad or Coleslaw to go in the center of the platter. Free pickles, olives, bread/rolls. Includes condiments.


Fish & Dairy Platter

(8 person minimum)

Hand cut Nova Scotia lox and filleted Smoked Whitefish. The best tuna salad in Cleveland comes in the center of the platter, with your choice of three of the following sides: egg salad, whitefish spread, lox spread, gefilte fish, cottage cheese, cream and/or wine herring. Cream cheese, sliced Swiss and Muenster cheese. Sliced tomatoes, onions and Greek olives. Assorted bagels/rolls. Free Kuchen for dessert.

**Consider adding our homemade Spinach and Cheese Quiche.


Lox, Bagel and Cream Cheese Tray

(10 person minimum)

Our hand-sliced Nova Scotia lox with cream cheese, sliced tomatoes and onions, garnished with olives. Served with 2 freshly baked bagels per person on the side.

**Consider adding our homemade Spinach and Cheese Quiche on the side.


Box Lunches

(no minimum)

Let us customize your favorite sandwiches into a meal. Inside you will find a pickle spear, a fresh baked cookie and your choice of potato salad, coleslaw or macaroni salad. Upgrade your box lunch with one of our famous Coconut Bars and a beverage.


Upgraded: $11.99/person

Deluxe Breakfast Platter

(8 person minimum)

One delicious, handcrafted mini Danish, mini muffin and full size bagel per person. Includes cream cheese shmear. Upgrade the platter by adding an additional mini pastry and a juice for each person. **Consider adding our homemade Spinach and Cheese Quiche.


Upgraded: $6.75/person

Pastry Tray

A wide array of our delicious, bite-sized pastries, meticulously arranged on a platter. Includes our famous Coconut Bars, fudgy brownies, cream cheese pastries and rugalach, assorted gourmet slices and butter cookies. Customizable for any occasion.

Starting at $50

All Wrapped Up Platter

(8 person minimum)

Our premium sliced meats and homemade salads rolled up in a large flour tortilla. Cheese and vegetables are optional. Served with your choice of potato salad, coleslaw or macaroni salad. Includes free pickles, dessert and condiments.


Fresh Salad Platter:

(10 person minimum)

Choose four of our freshly made salads: Tuna salad, egg salad, chicken salad, coleslaw, health salad, pasta salad, mushroom salad, lox spread or whitefish spread. Sliced tomatoes and onions included, garnished with olives. Free bread/rolls and dessert. Paper plates and utensils included.


Giant Challa Wheel

(serves 10-12 people)

Your choice of three premium sliced meats and two cheeses, topped with fresh Romaine lettuce and tomatoes; garnished with olives. Potato salad or coleslaw in the center of the wheel. Your choice of condiments on the side.


Giant Party Sub:

(two foot minimum)

Our freshly baked Italian bread, stuffed with premium sliced meats and cheeses. Topped with lettuce, tomato and condiment of your choice. Each foot feeds approx. 5-6 hungry people (or one teenager!).


Fresh Fruit Platter

(serves 15-20 people)

An assortment of freshly sliced seasonal fruit aesthetically arranged on a platter.


Fresh Vegetable Platter

(serves 15-20 people)

An variety of fresh vegetables carefully arranged on a platter, with our pumpernickel loaf in the center, loaded with a dip. Choose between hummus, onion or spinach dip.


Cheese Tray

(serves 15-20 people)

An arrangement of cubed cheeses on a platter with garnishment and cheese spread in the center. Served with crackers and/or our own bagel chips.


Spinach and Cheese Quiche:

A pie crust filled with savory combination of baked eggs, spinach, onion and Muenster cheese. Perfect to eat any time of day.